Yemen | Mocca Burrai | 8oz | Limited Release
Yemen | Mocca Burrai | 8oz | Limited Release Yemen | Mocca Burrai | 8oz | Limited Release Yemen | Mocca Burrai | 8oz | Limited Release

Grower | 15 Coffee Producers from Bura'a

Region | Bura'a, Sana’a, Yemen

Varietals | Burrai

Processing | Full natural and dried on rooftops

Elevation | 900 – 2000 meters

Tasting Notes | Strawberry, Red Wine, Vanilla, Chocolate

Farm Notes

Blog From Importer: While the odds might be stacked against coffee in general, Yemeni coffee might take home the gold medal for overcoming hardships to make it to your cup. Its climate is dry and unforgiving and its people beleaguered by war, disease and famine. Yet Yemen is blessed with unparalleled history, uncommon elevation, and unusual access to a wealth of genetic diversity. Out of all of this comes a distinctive coffee that defies convention at nearly every turn.

This exceptional selection from Al-Haymah, just southwest of the country’s capital city of Sana’a, comes to us from a company called Pearl of Tehama run by Fatoum Muslot. Mrs. Muslot is the daughter of Ali Hibah Muslot; Royal has been buying coffee from the Muslot family now since 1984.  The coffee farming community in Al-Haymah is tiny. This lot represents the work of about 23 farming families from 6 sub-districts who average 600 trees each, some have as many as 2000, some as few as 200. Mrs. Mouslot has worked tirelessly to improve practices and traceability for her coffees, down to providing the names of each of the individual farmers who grow each lot of coffee she has supplied this year.

Yemen’s contributions to the history and culture of coffee are impossible to overstate. It is where the crop was first commercially cultivated. Sufi Imams would bring coffee into popular use during late night vigils in Yemen’s port of Mocha (Mocca) in the mid 15th century, which served as the gateway to coffee for the rest of the world.